TW-2070A/ B/ C Driling & Notch Cutting Combination

TW-2070A/ B/ C Driling & Notch Cutting Combination

Model No.︰TW-2070A/ B/ C

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

TW-2070A/ B/ C Driling & Notch Cutting Combination



① Ideal for drilling holes in glass and plastic lenses;

② Opposing taper drill bits system allow holes to be drilled from both sides simultaneously;

③ For precision placenent and avoids chipping and breaking of all lenses ,especially those made of resin;

④ After hole drilled,placed the lens under reamer and lifted upwards to be enlarged to desired size;


⑤ It is the perfect instrument which have 2 functions of drilling and notch cutting on rimless-frames;


⑥ I tis with 2 sides drilling system, therefore the lenses wil be shiny and nice and will not be broken;


⑦ Notch curring on rimless-frames can be operated very easily and you can also adjust the depth of groove;



TW-2070A:AL Pipe
TW-2070B:AL pipe,Speed Adjusted
TW-2070C:Plastic Pipe

Export Markets︰ Except China

Pricing︰ USD40.00-70.00

Payment Details︰ T/T

Min Order︰ 1 unit

Ship Date︰ within 7 days

Standard Met︰ CE, ISO, FSC

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