TW-1080I Auto Lensmeter

TW-1080I Auto Lensmeter

Model No.︰TW-1080I

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

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specifications︰ Full-Function:
It can measure single vision lenses, bifocal(trifocal) lenses, progressive power lenses(PPL), and contact lenses(CL), and the colored lenses(the Sunglasses) that transmittance is above 10%, also can measure the pupil distance, pupil height and lens diameter.
The instrument is accompanied with the UV measuring instrument and the thermal printer. The equipment performance is steady and free from interruption by environmental light. This instrument still has the function of Abbe constant chooses.

1、Sphere:0 to ±25D (0.01D、0.12D、0.25D steps)
2、Cylinder:0 to ±10D(0.01D、0.12D 、0.25D steps)
3、Axis:0°to180°(1°step) Accuracy:±1°
4、ADD:0 to10D(0.01D、0.12D、0.25D steps)
5、Prism:0 to10△(0.01△、0.12△、0.25△ steps)
6、PD Measuring:80mm
7、Lens Diameter:Max. Approx. 120mm
8、UV:Out in UV
9、High Refraction ratio Lens Compensation:ABBE value 20-60
10、Measurable:10% and over;transmissivity (20% and over at ±15D to ±25D)
11、Contact lenses:0±25D,BC 6.00 to 9.00
12、Display:Full graphic 320*240LCD with back light(Black/White)
13、Printer:Built-in thermosensitive printer, paper size 38mm
14、Power source:100-120V~/200-240V~changeable 50 or 60Hz
(Main supply voltage fluctuation not to exceed ±10% of the nominal voltage)
15、Power consumption:40W