YZ-5F1 Slit Lamp

YZ-5F1 Slit Lamp

Model No.︰YZ-5F1

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰-

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specifications︰ This model is used for inspecting and diagnosing the anterior part of eyes and can be equipped with accessories such as camera, teaching tube, photograph system, applanation tonometer, and measurement eyepiece.

3.Total Magnification:6X; 10X; 16X; 25X; 40X;
4.Diameter of Visual Field: ø15mm; ø10mm; ø6mm;
5.Diopter Adjustment: +3D-5D;
6.Slit Height: 1mm~8mm continuously adjustabIe;
7.Slit Width: 0mm~9mm continuously adjustahle;
8.Aperture Diameter: ø9, ø8, ø5, ø3, ø2, ø0.2mm;
9.Slit Angle: 0°~180°;
10.Slit Inclination: 0°~20°;
11.Magnification: 2 / 3X;
12.Filter: heat ahsorption, grey, redfree, cobalt bIue Power Source.
13.Input Voltage:110V 220V±10 60/50Hz;
14.Input Power: 58VA;
15.Illumination Bulb: 12V30W haIogen bulb;
16.Fixation Bulb: red LED;